Utah County Fair Guidelines


All entries must remain at the fair until Monday, August 19, 2013.  Checkout is between 11:30 am – 6:00 pm.  Removal of exhibits before that time will forfeit awards.  Exception will be for small animals (please see small animal registration for details).
Your entry at this event gives legal permission to use your image in appropriate media advertising.
We welcome and invite open class entries from anyone who is a resident of Utah County but not a 4-H exhibitor.

Utah County Fair Management and the Fair Directors reserve the final absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to settle or determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of,  connected with, or incidental to the Fair.

All items entered must be made on Utah County Fair Entry Forms, furnished by the Utah County Fair (online at http://utah.fairmanager.com/ or at the Fair on the date of entry. Date of entry is given under each department’s guidelines in this book.
Unless otherwise stated, animals or articles can be entered only by the owner or producers, and any attempt to perpetrate a fraud by misrepresentation will bar the specimen from the competition.  Any article eligible for entry, not enumerated in the Fair Premium Book list, will be entered in its appropriate class.
Entries may be made by Utah County residents only.
Management reserves the right to reject any article offered for exhibit simply as a means of advertising or that are deemed unsuitable for family viewing.

Exhibitors must attend to the delivery, in person or by agent, of articles or animals for exhibition to the Department Supervisor, and in all cases, the proper affixing of entry tags, and must claim property at the time designated by each department.
All exhibits, when assigned space, become subject to the control of the Department Supervisor and shall remain in place until August 19, 2013, unless by action of the Utah County Fair Management.  Exception shall be small animals. (See department for times.)

Judges will be selected with great care to ensure fairness and professionalism.  There will be no attendance during the judging of the exhibits at the Fair until awarding is completed.
No judges will be allowed to exhibit in the department in which they act as a judge, or in which they may be directly or indirectly interested in the result as owner, agent or otherwise.
Judges must avoid contact with exhibitors and will refuse to hear the merits or demerits of exhibits upon which they will be expected to pass.

All articles must be picked up at the fairgrounds. See department categories for times and dates.
Utah County Fair management is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property used or left at the Fair; nor any exhibits left after Monday, August 19, at 6:00 pm.  A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for transportation after 6:00pm, August 19.
Utah County Fair management reserves the right to remove from the grounds any exhibit that may be falsely entered, or deemed unsuitable or objectionable, without assigning reason therefore.
Utah County Fair Management, through its officers and with the aid of security personnel, will use diligence to care for all property placed under its charge.  However, it is expressly understood that it will assume no responsibility for injuries or losses from any cause.

Potential exhibitors requesting new categories or classes for inclusion in the exhibitor handbook shall submit in writing a request to the Fair Director or Open Class Supervisor by January 1st.  Final action on the request shall be taken by the Director and the Board.

Contact: Marilyn Crawford- Open Class Supervisor, 801-658-5288, email: sunshinemar61@yahoo.com