Taxidermy Competiton

Taxidermy Competition

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  • JD Sorenson (801) 798-2785 or (801) 369-8523


This will be a great opportunity for taxidermists to show their work and skills. It will also be a great way for you to ease into the world of competing without all of the pressure and hype of larger state competitions.

The fair is attended by thousands of people so you will also get some great exposure. Most important of all you will walk away with new skills and techniques after being judged and critiqued. Remember you are not competing against each other if this helps calm the nerves.

The competition is between yourself & the judge. Multiple place ribbons will be awarded in each class based on total score earned.

Taxidermy Competition Classes, Fees & Info Taxidermy Competition Classes, Fees & Info
The following classes of competition will be offered:

  • Youth
    - This class will be limited to those 15yrs and younger. This will be a great chance for the future taxidermists to get their feet wet and show what they can do while learning new skills.
  • Novice
    - This class is intended for the first time competitor or those just getting started that do not meet the youth requirements. Novice is meant to give you a taste of how competitions work while allowing your work to be judged and gain new skills by getting critiqued. Anyone who earns a blue ribbon in Novice will be required to move into Professional class in future years in that category. All Novice entries will compete for best of Novice, however there will be many categories within the class ie. Gameheads, fish, birds, antler/Europeans. Multiple class ribbons will be awarded in each category.
  • Professional
    - This class is intended for the experienced competitor and taxidermist. The judging in this class will be more difficult than novice and detailed oriented. There will be several categories in professional such as gameheads, lifesize, fish, birds, antler art/ European with a best of award given in each category. Anyone who earns the best of in any categories will be expected to move into the masters class in the future in that category. Multiple place ribbons will be awarded in each category.
  • Masters
    - This class is intended for the seasoned competitor and taxidermist. Judging in this class will be the most difficult and detail oriented. The same categories will be offered in this class as professional and will award a best of award in each of the categories. There will also be multiple place ribbons awarded in this class.
  • Other Awards
    - All classes will be competing for the judges choice best of show which is sponsored by Tru-Fit this year.
    We are working on getting sponsors for other awards but at this time none have been secured. If you have any connections and can get an award please contact me.
  • Entry Fees
    - $10.00 Per Entry (Novice through Masters)
    - $5.00 Per Entry (Youth)
    Preregistration is DUE by JULY 31st to allow ordering of Ribbons and Plaques. Please email or call JD to Register

Volunteers are needed for setup and tear down of the exhibit along with shifts to site in display to answer questions. Also for help with keeping curious hands off from the mounts. I invite you out to showcase your skills and learn along with the rest of us.
Thank You!