Oak Hills Vaulters

Gymnastics On Horseback

The Gymnastics on Horseback Association or GOHA is a team comprised of Oak Hills Vaulters’ most advanced athletes and performers. GOHA specializes in performance vaulting and is dedicated to showcasing the sport through breathtaking routines to anyone who is willing to watch. For those who are not familiar with equestrian vaulting, it is a combination of dance and gymnastics performed singly, in doubles or in triples, on the back of a moving horse. The athletes pose, jump, twish and groove in rhythm on a horse to a variety of music. This fun performance is a joy for all ages. Watching the vaulters perform their routines on the horses is something you won’t want to miss. Lovers of dance and loves or horses will especially be enthralled.

For more information please check out their website at www.oakhillsvaulters.com

Performances will be held in the Grand Arena (time and date TBA). Performances will be approximately 25 minutes.